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Directions for completion of Form



1. Please enter all appropriate information, and mark all changes being requested.  Fill out all old degree information as well as all new degree information for comparison when processing the form to assure that all information is correctly entered as part of the academic record.


2. Concurrent/Dual/Second Bachelors Explanation


        A concurrent major is a second major pursued alongside the primary major. The majors can be in one or more colleges. One degree will be awarded from the college of the primary major.  The university requirements (University Studies) must be met only once. The degrees for the major (B.A., B.F.A., B.S.F.C., etc) need not be the same. 


        A dual degree is a second degree pursued in either the same college as the first degree or in another college. The university requirements (University Studies) must be met only once. Students must meet all of the college and major requirements for both majors. Students must complete at least 30 credit hours of UW (minimum 12 upper division hours) beyond the credit hours required for the degree with the smallest number of credit hours required. An academic advisor for each degree is required. Multiple degrees and multiple diplomas will be awarded, and the student must graduate with both degrees in the same semester.


        A second bachelor degree is a second degree pursued in one or more colleges. Students must meet all of the university and college requirements as prescribed for a first bachelor degree.  Students who completed the first bachelor degree at another institution are held to completion of all university requirements.  The second bachelor degree may have the same title as the first degree and may be in the same college as the first degree, but if in the same college it must be in a different major. 


Minors, concentrations, concurrent majors, and some certificates must have the same graduation date as the primary degree.  See your advisor for clarification.


3. Change of Degree Explanation


        A change of degree does not necessarily mean a change of major. Here are some examples of degree types: Bachelors of Arts (BA), and Master of Arts (MA). Check this option if the requested Program Change includes a change of degree type.


4. Approval of at least two department heads or designees are required for all undergraduates in cases involving a change of department.  


5. After we have obtained electronic approvals, changes to your record will be made.  Please allow time for processing of this form.  You will be notified by email of the approval/disapproval of this requested program change.


Effective Semester of Change    Spring:           Fall:           Summer:           20       


Student Name:        W Number:     Date:   


Individual submitting form:


What would you like to do?  ( check all that apply - see below for additional term explanation)

Add a major (s) Add a concentration (s) Add a second Bachelor degree
Remove a major (s) Remove a concentration (s) Change campus
Add a minor (s) Add a Dual degree Other
Remove a minor (s) Add a concurrent major  
Add a Certificate Program    


Fill out the appropriate lines for the change noted above.                      


My current Program Information is:

Degree: B.A.   B.S.    Other

Major (s):

Minor (s):





I would like my Program Information to be:

Degree: B.A.   B.S.    Other

Major (s):

Minor (s):






If you are declaring more than one major or degree, which is your primary?

When requesting  a change of program, I have considered the following:

    * If this change of major or minor could delay my graduation.

    * By changing my program, my financial aid could be affected.

    * I will contact or have contacted my current advisor and the intended department regarding the implications of this change.

I certify that the information I have provided is correct to the best of my knowledge. If my request is accepted, I agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of the University of Wyoming. I further understand that the information submitted herein will be relied upon by the Officials of the University in determining my request and that the submission of false information is a violation of Federal and State Law. WITHOUT CORRECT CERTIFICATION THIS REQUEST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

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