Directions and Guidelines for Processing this Exception Report

As a fully-accredited public institution of higher learning, the University of Wyoming must comply with various regulations and principles of fairness, uniformity and accountability.  UW Regulations have been established by the faculty and administration to address these concerns. Exceptions to UW Regulations are justifies only in extraordinary circumstances that are normally outside the control of the student.

1. In reviewing requests for exceptions, university officers must give consideration to all relevant factors such as:

    a.   maintenance of general academic standards;

    b.  general principles of equal treatment to all students;

    c.  justification presented for exception to UW Regulations; 

    d.  contributions tot he student's problem by university faculty or staff members

         through misinformation or failure to properly perform duties or undertakings;

    e.  effect of denial of the petition.


2.   Please present all related facts clearly and concisely.  Set forth your version of the facts, circumstances, and consequences.  Attach any documentation that you feels supports your request.  If your request is based on a medical problem, be sure to attach that documentation from your doctor.  If you feel you received misinformation from a faulty or staff member , you are encouraged to ask that individual to provide a statement that should be attached to this petition.


3.  A copy of the petition will be emailed to you once a decision has been made.  The majority of petitions are acted upon and processed within 48 hours of being received by of the Office of the Registrar.  However,  some may take a few weeks for a decision if additional information is needed, research needs to be completed, or the request needs to be reviewed by the Exception Review Committee.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the Registrar att 766-5272 if you have any questions.


NOTE: This form should not be used for requests pertaining to financial matters.  Please see the Institutional Refund Policy in this semester's Class Schedule.  Questions pertaining to financial matters should be addressed to Accounts Receivable, Room 250 Knight Hall, 766-6232.  Approval of this Exception Request by the Registrar does not imply that an exception to the Institutional Tuition and Fee Refund Policy is appropriate. A separate request must be initiated with the Account Receivable office. 


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If an explanation is not entered , your request will not be considered. Please be specific.  


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I certify that the information I have provided is correct to the best of my knowledge. If my request is accepted, I agree to abide by the policies, rules and regulations of the University of Wyoming. I further understand that the information submitted herein will be relied upon by the Officials of the University in determining my request and that the submission of false information is a violation of Federal and State Law. WITHOUT CORRECT CERTIFICATION THIS REQUEST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

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