What is eduForms?

eduForms is a software application that automates back-office administration. Collect data from customers and route it within your organization for review/approval.

Simple. Powerful.

Capture data more efficiently Capture & Process data more efficiently

From applications to transcript requests, many institutions begin with a user filling out a form. To improve customer service and reduce costs, institutions need a more secure and structured way to provide rich form-filling environments, as well as integrate the data captured into defined institutional processes.

EduForms.com solutions provide flexible methods for capturing data online for the convenience of your users. Prepopulated form fields and validations help ensure data is accurate and complete. The captured data can then be processed and integrated into enterprise applications and processes.

For Institutions
bullet Streamline data capture processes.
bullet Increase quality of customer service and decrease response times.
bullet Eliminate process redundancies and inefficiencies.
For Users
bullet Shorten waiting times.
bullet Timely response to user needs.
bullet Self Service.

Real-time for the office supporting the form. No paper to be lost.
 Real-time in its ability to track from office to office, to keep the process moving, and never be misplaced in the paper shuffle.
Real-time decisions from faculty and staff.
Plus, it gives the forms requester real-time information on the process and its outcome on line.

  • Transcript Request
  • Address Changes
  • Curriculum Change
  • Curriculum Inventory
  • Help Desk
  • Petition to Graduate
  • Course Substitution

Current Applications

  • Guest Book
  • Course Repetition
  • Time Conflict Waiver
  • Semester Grade Request
  • Facility Request
  • Financial Aid and Grant
  • Leave Forms
  • Withdrawal
  • Verification Request
  • Course Substitution
  • Withdrawal
  • Verification Request
  • Reentry
  • Withdrawal
  • Verification Request
  • Reentry
  • Fee Refund
  • On Line Counseling
  • Fee Refund